Infants Quiz

Take the Infants Quiz below to see what you have learned!
  1. What should your home atmosphere be to help your baby fall asleep?

  2. Lively, Loud
    Lively, Quiet
    Calm, Loud
    Calm, Quiet

  3. You should NOT co-sleep with your infant if:

  4. You are extremely tired or have a sleeping disorder
    Your baby was premature or had a low birth weight
    You or your partner smoke
    All of these are instance where you should not co-sleep

  5. What age should a child sleep in a cot next to your bed to reduce the risk of SIDS

  6. 1 year or younger
    6 months or younger
    18 months or younger
    Age doesn't matter for co-sleeping

  7. Around what age should toilet training begin?

  8. 1 year old
    2 years old
    3 years old
    4 years old

  9. What are questions you should ask your potential daycare provider?

  10. Does the caregiver have the right qualifications and is the agency accredited
    What is the group size of the classrooms
    What is the caregiver-child ratio
    All of these are questions to ask your potential daycare provider

  11. Irritated and swelling genitals, fear of certain places, anxiety, and bedwetting are signs of:

  12. Sexual abuse
    Interpersonal violence
    Psychological disorders
    Normal child development

  13. What can a parent do if they suspect their child is being sexually abused?

  14. Act on suspicions
    Call a child abuse hotline
    Know the local agencies that handle abuse cases
    All of these are correct

  15. Child sexual abuse typically deals with...

  16. Someone being "in love" with another
    Someone exerting power over another
    Someone promising the other something
    Someone kidnapping a child

  17. Rodney is 10 and is hanging around Gabrielle who is 5. This is what type of behavior?

  18. Abusive

  19. Gerry is 10 and is hanging around Kendra who is 9. What type of behavior is this?

  20. Typical