Youth Quiz

Take the Youth Quiz to check your knowledge!
  1. What is one way a parent can decrease the power struggles between them and their child?

  2. Say "don't". (i.e. Don't touch that)
    Talk fast and give the child a lot of information
    Use "I Love You Rituals" 10 minutes per day
    Don't keep a routine, kids love spontaneity

  3. My toddler has begun to lie, I should:

  4. Get them to admit it
    Help them learn responsibility
    Ask them a question I already know the answer to so I can see if they lie
    Show the child how upset lying makes me

  5. My child has unexplainable injuries, is losing friends, and doesn't want to go to school anymore

  6. My child has an eating disorder
    My child is being bullied
    My child is bullying others
    My child lacks social skills

  7. Half of your child's plate should be:

  8. Dairy Products
    Fruits & Vegetables

  9. A child should be active for ________ minutes a day.

  10. 60

  11. Clearing the dinner table, making the bed, and feeding pets are chores for what age group?

  12. 2-3 years old
    4-5 years old
    6-7 years old
    8-9 years old

  13. What is the "authority trick" used by sexual predators?

  14. Predator promises to make the child a movie star
    Older children bribe younger children to do sexual acts or risk friendship
    A person of authority to your child takes advantage of them
    The authority figure gives child special privileges to endure abusive acts

  15. What is the "apple of my eye trick" used by sexual predators?

  16. Predators gain the trust of the child by giving them special attention to abuse them later
    The authority figure gives child special privileges to endure abuse
    Predator promises to make the child a movie star
    Predator uses name on child's backpack or lunchbox to pretend they know them

  17. What is a red flag of a sexual predator?

  18. Someone who makes inappropriate comments about the way your child looks
    Someone who is consistently trying to get alone time with your child
    Someone who wants to spend more time alone with your child than you
    These are all red flags of a sexual predator

  19. Having a child hold out their arms, or stand in a hula hoop, demonstrates:

  20. The right amount of personal space
    Ways to stay active
    Conscious Discipline
    None of the Above